Top 10 Neighborhoods to Call Home in La Verne

La Verne is a city situated in Los Angeles County, California. It has gained recognition, for its landscapes, charming downtown area and exceptional educational institutions. Within La Verne you’ll find a variety of neighborhoods to consider for your home each with its own distinct allure and character.

Here are the top ten neighborhoods in La Verne that you should definitely explore;

  1. Old Town La Verne; This historic neighborhood boasts some of the citys most captivating residences. It also houses the downtown district, which is brimming with a mix of shops, eateries and cafes.
  2. Alta Vista; Perched atop a hill overlooking the cityscape this neighborhood offers breathtaking vistas of the San Gabriel Mountains and the iconic Los Angeles skyline.
  3. Foothill Ranch; Conveniently located near the University of La Verne and nestled close to the San Gabriel Mountains this neighborhood is highly sought after, by families and young professionals alike.
  4. La Verne Heights; Situated on the side of La Verne this neighborhood is renowned for its homes and serene streets.
  5. North Hills; Positioned to the north of the city center
    These are some of the sought after neighborhoods, in La Verne;
  6. South Hills; Situated south of the city center South Hills is a favorite among families and homebuyers who desire proximity to the schools and amenities in Old Town La Verne (source;
  7. Upland Heights; Located in the neighboring city of Upland Upland Heights is a choice for families and homebuyers who want access to both La Verne and Upland amenities.
  8. Woodridge; Found on La Vernes east side Woodridge attracts families and homebuyers looking to be close to the San Gabriel Mountains as the citys parks and trails (source;
  9. Willowbrook; Positioned on La Vernes west side Willowbrook appeals to families and homebuyers seeking proximity to the schools and amenities in Old Town La Verne.
  10. Vista del Sol; Nestled atop a hill overlooking the city Vista del Sol offers views and a tranquil environment, for those looking for a neighborhood (source;
    When deciding on a neighborhood, in La Verne it’s crucial to take into account your requirements and financial considerations. Take into consideration the proximity to schools, parks and other amenities. Also consider the type of house you desire and the size of your family. Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for you can initiate your search for the neighborhood in La Verne.

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