Living the High Life: Luxury Living in La Verne’s Finest Neighborhoods

La Verne, California is a city that combines a small town vibe with upscale living. If you’re looking for a lifestyle La Verne has neighborhoods filled with beautiful homes and plenty of amenities. In this blog post, by Mr. And Mrs. La Verne Real Estate, your guides we’ll take you on a tour of some of La Vernes most prestigious communities where luxury meets laid back California living.

Embodiment of Sophistication: Luxurious Neighborhoods in La Verne
La Verne offers living options to cater to your preferences ranging from grand estates to quaint historic areas. Here’s a peek into some of the sought after neighborhoods;

The Enclave at La Verne: This exclusive gated community defines luxury living. Residents enjoy built homes on lots with private pools well maintained landscapes and stunning mountain views. The Enclave provides a sense of exclusivity while being conveniently located near shopping and dining spots.

Royal Oaks: This established neighborhood features homes lining tree filled streets. Many residences showcase timeless designs with accents. Royal Oaks offers an ambiance with access, to top notch schools and recreational amenities.

La Verne Heights:
The historical area is filled with charm and character. Restored Craftsman style cottages and Spanish Colonial mansions line the streets providing a glimpse, into La Verne’s past. La Verne Heights is adorned with trees, streets and proximity to the lively downtown scene.

The Villages of La Verne: This planned community offers an approach to luxurious living. Residents have a range of housing choices from townhouses to residences. The Villages feature resort style amenities like pools, gyms and walking paths fostering an bustling environment.

The Foothills: Ideal for nature enthusiasts seeking landscapes and a connection with the outdoors. Lavish homes nestled among rolling hills offer views for a retreat. The Foothills cater to those who relish pursuits and value a knit community ambiance.

Exploring Life Beyond the Gates of La Verne

Owning a residence in La Verne opens doors to an array of experiences that elevate your high end lifestyle;

Gourmet Dining: Indulge in delights, at La Vernes acclaimed eateries featuring creative menus and top notch service.
Experience the offerings by diving into art and history at the La Verne Heritage Foundation or exploring the Millard Sheets Center, for the Arts.

Take a leisurely day trip to visit the wineries in Temecula Valley, a drive away and savor wine tastings amidst breathtaking landscapes.

For enthusiasts enjoy hiking trails around La Verne Reservoir tee off at a top notch golf course or wander through the paths of Angeles National Forest.

Indulge in shopping. Uncover unique treasures at Victoria Gardens, a renowned retail paradise nearby.

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